The Last Days On Mars

The Last Days On Mars

This is truely top class movie and I really love it The Last Days On Mars, which I free even refuse to compare with all other ones from sci-fi, is the masterpiece I have movie in my mind that I call favorite but best movie mean to me having both a certain style, which symbolizes the point of a movie to tell a story via motion pictures of a being's existential turning point, it engrosses you in imagination and its overall effect is that either it leave you changed, inspired or left some impact on you. I could describe it like a magical trip to some of the happiest moments of my childhood. Friends call me crazy when I tell em I saw the whole movie online more than 10 times. I walked into this movie totally blind. I knew nothing about it, even never saw a trailer... I'm not true fan of sci-fi but I enjoyed it like as if I was! I haven't found this full movie anywhere else so I uploaded it here on go123stream, you can now see this movie on StreamHou.se for free. I want to recommend this movie to everyone, you will be satisfied.

Genre: Sci-Fi, Thriller

Actors: Liev Schreiber, Romola Garai, Elias Koteas

Directors: Ruairi Robinson

Country: United Kingdom, Ireland

Production: British Film Institute (BFI), Irish Film Board, Qwerty Films

Quality: HD

Release: 2013

IMDb: 7,1

Duration: 98 min

Views: 12